bali handicraft products outsourcing , made to order , developt new sample , and custom designs for any handicraft products from bali
fashion costume jewelry necklace and choker Necklace handcrafted cushion and cover Cushion
costume jewellery bracelet and bangle Bracelet native indian dreamcatcher Dreamcatcher
fashion jewelry ring Ring handcrafted interior mosaic lamp Mosaic Lamp
costume jewellery earring Earring  , chakra , feng shui , buddha , apache blessing , karma , friendship Affirmative Banner
handmade painting wooden sign board Wooden Sign Board handcrafted bag with natural material Bag
handmade bamboo windchimes Windchime wooden statue , mask , furniture , bowl , candle holder , stoo l , circle friend , candle holder etc
costume jewelry
fashion jewelry

balicrafters is a craft wholesaler and exporter located in Bali. Our main products are handmade costume jewelry, but we also deal with Indonesia handicraft products such as bamboo wind chimes , dream catcher , bag , affirmative banner ,shoes , batik sarong beach or pareo, wood carving , wodden sign , cushion , mosaic lamp , stool , and other handcrafted merchandise made by artisans in Indonesia. We will be sourcing and organize whatever you want to meet the market demand in your country for unique craft products and diverse pieces from craftsmen of Indonesia.  

Balicrafters founded in 2004 as a small garage business based on www internet marketing. We do not have a store and all our products are made by order. A year later, we have an export license under the company named CV.Bali Crafters International. And for what we got from this business, I want to say thank you very much to Sir Tim Berners-Lee.  

Since the beginning of this business, we work closely with a network of home-based artisans. We developed a new sample, organize, supervise and assist them in the production process to satisfy all customer wishes. In addition, we are also very concerned with them because of my experience over several years working in several exporting companies I find the fact that they have a very large contribution in this business, but they even just get a few cents or remnants of the glorious of this business in Bali . One of our concerns to them is to do fair trade with artisans who work with us. And, we always give advice and guidance in the production of better management, maintaining standards of quality and good scheduling. Besides, we do a good payment to them and also had been building a humanist good relationship. However, working with traditional home-based craftsmen is always complicated, so we must also do the selection to anyone we can work together. And sometimes we still get some problems, but with long experience and deep knowledge about them, we always find a solution for clean up.  

Symbiotic mutualism is our major thrust in managing this business, enhanced with a touch of Indonesian hospitality.   However that does not mean we are not professional, we always try to do the best for all orders from our customers, especially regarding the quality and scheduling time. I always expect the long-term relationships with all customers and craftsmen. In this case balicrafters took a position as a strong bridge between buyers who require unique craft merchandises with the craftsmen who have the talent and creativity to produce them.  

After several years of running this business until today, I found three keys to maintaining a business is able to survive and continue to grow, it were: trust, trust and trust. To achieve these 3 points, I have to do this business with honest, responsible, and highly committed to maintaining the mechanism of symbiosis mutualism working properly. This is why balicrafters has survived and keep growing even though most of all our customers have never met physically with us, but we continue to doing business for several years continuously. And now we are waiting for you to join the club. Welcome to Balicrafters.  

We will serve to you at our best.
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